The design duo behind PJMARES Tom Mares and Peter-Jan (PJ) Scherpereel. PJMARES creates their own collection of discerning, timeless design and interiors.  They are inspired by natural and warm materials such as wood, steel, marble and leather, that are meant to age beautifully. All the pieces that PJMARES creates only become more beautiful over time. This ‘design for use’ philosophy ensures timeless and iconic products, while still feeling very contemporary.

the studio


Tom Mares
+32 485 06 68 72

PJ Scherpereel
+32 475 547 999

Vlaamse steenweg 144, 
Rue de Flandre
1000 Brussels


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Peter-Jan Scherpereel (1966) is a Belgian architect and one half of the brain behind PJMARES design studio. 

Nickname: PJ. Gifted spatial thinker. Instantly recognisable by his dark-rimmed specs.

Scherpereel grew up the son of an architect. Design, interior, art and architecture were staples in his formative years,  about as much as Danish pastries on a Sunday morning. 

After completing his architectural studies at Sint-Lucas Ghent (now Luca School of Arts), 

Peter-Jan set about working as an architect on a self-employed basis, and went on to work with noA Architecten and Benoît, two architectural design agencies who had already earned themselves an impressive track record by then.

Peter-Jan continued to take a keen interest in architecture, yet the focal point of his interest increasingly moved towards interior design and product design. 

His work evolved accordingly. 

The interior design projects that followed put him in touch with designer Dirk Meylaerts, who in turn presented Scherpereel to Tom Mares.

Tom Mares (1983) is a Belgian designer and the other half of the brain behind PJMARES. Design fanatic. Coffee addict. Beard optional.

Mares studied interior design in Ghent and at Sint-Lukas in Brussels. Further to work placements with Fabiaan van Severen and Danny Venlet, he took a specialist year in Furniture Design at the KH Mechelen (now Lessius University College Mechelen), which ultimately saw him hook up with Dirk Meylaerts, where his work placement culminated in a partnership offer. An offer he couldn’t refuse. Exhibitions at Design Miami/Basel, salons in London and Korea followed. 

At home, they caused a stir with interior design projects such as the Kaaitheater and The Hub Brussels.

In 2007, Tom set up WE ARE NO DESIGN, a studio specializing in interior design projects for private customers, public spaces and scenic design for exhibitions and events. 

The separate furniture items he designed for these projects were included in his collection.

In 2012, Mares focused all his attentions on ‘Showroom’, a project he started from scratch with Frank Pay. With the latter dealing with the design shop, 

Tom handled the design studio. Shortly after, Peter-Jan Scherpereel joined the collective. Fast forward to 2014: Studio Showroom took on its current incarnation, a.k.a. PJMARES.